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Do you want to win or do you want a relationship?

We are conditioned by society to believe we must be winners to excel in life. Young girls want to be the prettiest; teenage boys want to be the strongest, and social influencers strive to have the most followers. This winning mentality even spills into our relationships.

All too often, couples desire to "win" or be "right" in a disagreement. The engrained need to win can overshadow finding an amicable resolution. These unresolved debates become stagnant exchanges of perceived truths. They eventually become a hazardous threat to the relationship. Bruised egos succumb to the pain. As the old saying goes..."Hurt people hurt people."

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What is more important to you?

Before you know it, your love-filled relationship has become a dangerous game. The challenge is "Win at all costs. Even if it leads to the death of us."

When we have partners, we need to be careful not to place too much emphasis on the "win." More often than not, fact-finding will yield more pleasurable results than fault-finding.

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